What to Think About When Visiting Scotland

The nation of Scotland boasts beautiful countryside, vibrant cities and a rich culture that is just waiting to be discovered. While exploring Scotland is a lot of fun, visitors should make sure they are prepared and take the following points into consideration.

Preparing for the Weather

Generally speaking, Scotland tends to be considerably colder than England and there are frequent rain showers throughout the year. Visitors should pack accordingly by bringing rain jackets and sweaters. However, there is often sunshine and warm weather throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer, so it is a good idea to wear layers and be prepared to change clothing throughout the day as the weather changes.

Smoking Bans

Smokers should note that there is a large number of laws and regulations governing smoking in Scotland and smoking in banned in many parts of the country such as bars and restaurants. Smokers can prepare for this and help prevent the harsh effects of nicotine withdrawal by using a different type of tobacco product such as SnusDirect when visiting the country.

Getting Around

Although Scotland boasts an excellent public transportation system, people who are planning to explore the wilder parts of the country should consider driving. The rules of the road are the same as in the rest of the United Kingdom, which means that driving is both safe and a lot of fun here. Car hire is readily available in Scotland and people who are flying into the country can pick up car hire at one of the dedicated desks at the airport or book it in advance so that their choice of vehicle is waiting for them when they touch down.

Holidays and Festivals

A wide range of special festivals are held throughout the year and these are great ways to learn more about the Scottish culture. However, the biggest of the festivals typically attract large numbers of people and it is best to book accommodation in advance.