Things to do and see in Scotland

Though Scotland is a comparatively small country next to some of the world’s other popular tourist destinations, its unique culture and exceedingly rich history continues to fascinate millions of people around the world who love to come and visit. There is certainly plenty to do and see in this northern part of Great Britain. Here are some Scottish highlights you should make sure you don’t miss while you’re here:

St Andrews & Carnoustie

Of course, one can’t even begin touching the surface of Scotland without mentioning its influence on the world of sport. Foremost in the many things this country has offered the world throughout history, golf rates among its highest achievements, with the game now beloved by so many originating here in the 15th century.

The first ever Open Championship, still considered golf’s most prestigious tournament, was first held in 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club, which can be visited today. Meanwhile, St Andrews (situated on the east coast of Fife) and Carnoustie remain two of golf’s most famous and difficult golf courses. One surely can’t pass up the opportunity to see these courses for themselves while in Scotland.


It isn’t just golf in which Scotland boasts a proud history, with football being an equally popular sport in the country. The famous Scottish Cup, a knock-out competition first contested in 1873-74, is in fact the world’s oldest national trophy in any sport.

Celtic and Rangers are Scotland’s two biggest clubs and also boast arguably one of the world’s biggest sporting rivalries, both based in the country’s capital city of Glasgow. Celtic were also the first British football club to win the prestigious European Cup in 1967.

Diverse, historic cities & the Highlands

Alongside Glasgow, Scotland has another one of the world’s most beautiful cities of culture in Edinburgh. It has many picturesque streets that give it a unique feel different to any other city. Why not take the opportunity to visit a local casino while here – they’re easy to pick up if you’ve ever sampled online casinos before.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Scottish Highlands, a collection of sparsely populated mountain ranges unlike any other worldwide. Their vast wonder contained within a relatively small mass of land sum up Scotland perfectly.