Scotland – A Traveller’s Paradise

For the true, intrepid explorer, Scotland offers a wealth of treasures that you can discover: from man-made castles, to natural wonders, to mesmerizing landscapes. The experiences, however, don’t stop there. For those of us more inclined towards a vibrant lifestyle, Scotland throws up sophisticated cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow where you get a taste of modern, millennial culture.

No matter what your travel style is, the land of myth and fable and Loch Ness will not leave you disappointed. Our travel experts have put together three unique travel experiences you can explore:

The Self Drive

Nobody to answer to, no fixed plans, and no one else to deal with; the self-drive is an ideal option for the true-blue roadster. Scotland offers breath-taking drives along mountains ridges, coast lines and architecture-rich cities. The best part is that you can drive down from one tip to the other on butter-smooth roads that only enhance the experience.

Guided Group Tour

If you are visiting Scotland with a group, then a guided tour with a local will unlock some of the secret places that you may have otherwise missed. The other advantage is that you receive a deeper understanding of the culture and the cuisine of the land. Then, there are the fantastical stories that only a local guide may be privy to. All in all, a guided tour takes you deep into the heart and soul of Scotland.

The Heritage Trail

There are some of us interested more in the history of a place and the myths that surround it. You will not be disappointed with the imperious castles, the towering fortresses that convey the heritage of battle, of conquest that seeped through the land. A walk inside a castle can bring alive many an interesting incident that took place in the nation’s past.