Experience the Legends of Scotland

Scotland…where the land is rich with fables, the air filled with the soft sounds of the bagpipes, and the winds are intoxicated with culture and cuisine. If you have made a bucket list of places to visit, then the peninsula famous for the Loch Ness Monster should be a top priority. And why not?

Scotland offers a heady mix of the modern, cosmopolitan lifestyle that you can find in its sophisticated cities, while at the same time offering a peek into its antiquity filled with myths and legends of brave warriors, beautiful queens and iconic castles. As you travel across the landscape, you will be greeted with majestic mountains kissed by the clouds, fertile rivers glinting in the soft sunlight, mirroring the clear, blue skies and lush fields where the wildlife roams with a free spirit.

Adventure then is just a footstep away, and we’re here to help you find it.

The Legends Come Alive

Step into a castle and you will feel the years of history that have shaped the nation come alive. The imposing fortresses of Caerlaverock and Craigmillar bear testament to the many battles that birthed the soul of a nation. Take a walk along the quiet, peaceful shores and you will hear the breeze whisper stories that shaped the narrative of Scotland.

A Taste of Europe

The birthplace of whiskey, Scotland offers foodies and connoisseurs an exquisite range that will not only excite your palette, but satisfy your soul as well. We’ll recommend restaurants that serve seafood delivered straight from the ocean to your plate, meat procured from local farms, and organic produce picked and prepared from the private gardens.

The cuisine is as integral to the travel experience as the sights and sounds, providing a glimpse of the very best that the continent has to offer.